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DFID/ACTED - Baseline Research Study For Malakand Survey Project


Project Description: ACTED, in corporation with DFID, launched a comprehensive baseline and vulnerability assessment survey covering three districts, 50 Union Councils, and over 450 villages in Malakand Division, Pakistan. The survey covered over 15 sub-sectors of information, including health, education, water, agriculture, micro-economy, and market indicators.

VTT was engaged as a research consulting firm on this Project; VTT provided expertise in formulating comprehensive methodologies for conducting assessment surveys, development of strata for stratified sampling, identification of primary and secondary sources for data collection and collection of data through research and interviews, development of stock report formats based on interviews with key stakeholders. VTT also designed and implemented a GIS-based MIS system with complex data handling, storage retrieval, and analysis for a Google Earth-style visual display. This system allowed users to run queries across different information indicators and map the geographic map results.