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DFID/MoD - Research Study and Joint Analysis of Conflict and Stability (JACS) Across Pakistan

Client: DFID/Ministry of Defense

Project Description: The Joint Analysis of Conflict and Security (JACS) looked to understand the dynamics of conflict and stability in fragile countries using an integrated cross-HMG approach. It aimed to build a shared, cross-governmental understanding of the context and fundamental drivers of conflict-ridden countries’ conflict and instability. The purpose of the study, undertaken by Experience International and VTT Global, was to identify the relationship of poverty, inequality, and economic opportunity with the prevalence of conflict in selected areas of Pakistan (KPK, FATA & Punjab). The study defined a Conflict Index by capturing and weighting all publically-recorded incidents (from newspapers, published reports) in six violence categories (Anti-State, State Response, Communical Ethnic Tribal, Organized Crime, Political Violence, Sectarian Religious), for the period October 1, 2012, through March 31, 2014.