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DFID/Mott Macdonald - Ilm Ideas 2 : Baseline Study for Key Programme Indicators

Name of Client: DFID/Mott Macdonald

Description of Project: To gauge both contribution and attribution of each input (grantee intervention) to key outcome indicators, intervention and comparison groups will be created and difference-in-difference analysis will be employed to measure direction and degree of change. Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:  Ilm Ideas 2 is seeking to carry out the Baseline of its 11 grantees. VTT will develop a Research Design and Methodology for the baseline, work plan for the entire field activity, field team recruitment and training, provide internal quality assurance during data collection and all aspects of data processing and data entry as well as storing of data.

VTT will further be expected to ensure the translation and verification of the surveys in local language for the communities in which the surveys/assessments are going to be delivered. VTT will recruit appropriately skilled survey enumerators (primary females) to conduct the household survey and the school visit survey, and also provide enumerators training on the purpose and rationale behind the household survey.

  • VTT was commissioned by Cambridge Education (CE) – IIM Ideas 2 (in 2016-2017) to conduct the Baseline through End line, for three grantee projects in Phase I.