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Education Fund for Sindh - Assessment of Low Cost Private Schools and Enrollment of Out of School Children for Education Fund for Sindh

Client: DFID/Education Fund for Sindh

Project Description: DFID funded Education Fund for Sindh to identify the Out-of-School Children in Karachi and register them for enrolment in low-cost private schools (LCPS). For the Education Fund for Sindh, the VTT team was actively involved in identifying, registering, and enrolling out-of-school children and low-cost-private-schools in various districts across Sindh.  VTT identified and enrolled 16,000+ out-of-school children in 21 U.C.s of Karachi.

VTT mapped the Union Councils and identified slum areas, met the elders’ elders and influential personalities and mobilized the project’s concept. Parallel to these activities, a team was working on school mapping in the shortlisted slum areas. They identified all schools (government and private) and finalized the Low-Cost Private Schools (LCPS); conducted rapid assessment of all LCPS schools and then detailed assessment of shortlisted schools to ensure that selected schools comply with the minimum standards set by EFS.