VTT Global - Strategy and Management Consultancy

Evaluation Services for UNHCR's Livelihoods Program in Pakistan

Client: UNIDO

Project Description:VTT is carrying out this evaluation activity to capture the evidence and findings from UNHCR’s livelihoods strategy of Pakistan 2018 – 2021. This evaluation is supposed to gather evidence from up to eight livelihood projects of country operation in Pakistan and further inform future strategy and planning for livelihoods activities. Further, the programmatic results will be measured against the activities and objectives mentioned in the operation’s livelihood strategy. They will finally consider how these outcomes align with the objectives set out in the UNHCRs Pakistan Livelihoods Strategy. Additionally, this evaluation activity will seek to provide strategic recommendations for country operation in refugee livelihoods development, partnerships and private sector engagement, advocacy for economic inclusion and access to decent work, and phasing out of livelihood strategy.