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Paktel/Instaphone- Due Diligence For Corporate Divestment Of A Mobile Operator

Client: Pakcom (Millicom International)

Project Description: The project’s purpose was to merge the two companies and their assets into one by conducting a complete technical and financial analysis to design the way forward for this activity; the end goal was to set it up for sale and market evaluation. The Operators wanted the conduct of due diligence and divestment strategy that was based on market facts, current regulatory environment, telecom market trends, and cellular operator’s position in the market
VTT and its associates advised a lead cellular firm is positioning itself for the possible acquisition by a potential investor. VTT helped them plan, design, and launch their existing cellular network-based into a full-mobility CDMA network. Audited 800 sites, IMS, billing networks, regulatory issues, spectrum issues, distribution and sale networks, customer cohesion.