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Research Study To Verify Housing Damage Assistance Provided To IDP’s In Conflicted Areas Under PaRRSA

Project Description: In the post-conflict scenario, GOP endeavored to restore housing and related resettlement needs in the conflict-affected areas. The preliminary approach adopted was to provide a Housing Uniform Assistance Subsidy Project (HUASP).

The statistical significance for each sample was kept at a 10% confidence interval at 90% of the time throughout Malakand Division and Buner, proportional to the corresponding percentages of the total population) was obtained at the given confidence level to carry out household surveys. It was ensured that a statistically acceptable yet viable and proportionally distributed sample size for both the damaged categories were selected. A quantitatively coded questionnaire was developed and used to assess the project, and the same was automated on our MIS/GIS Monitoring and Assessment Portal for data entry and reporting.