VTT Global - Strategy and Management Consultancy

Monitoring and Evaluation

What we do

We help our clients make informed decisions, check the progress of assignments, establish useful monitoring frameworks, understand the implementation results of policies, projects, or services, and measure the effectiveness through monitoring and evaluation, assessments, and impact studies.

How we do it

We have a strong track record in delivering robust monitoring and evaluation services, helping organizations make educated decisions, and providing future delivery evidence. We achieve the results by doing the following activities:

  • Conducting third party monitoring (spot checks, verifications, and performance)
  • Making impact, process, intervention, and portfolio evaluations
  • Providing comprehensive knowledge of implemented interventions (What, How, Why, Who)
  • Giving prospects and solutions
  • Performing qualitative data collection and analysis (e.g., Key Informant Interviews or Focus Group Discussions)
  • Presenting quantitative data collection and analysis
  • Executing case studies
  • Issuing learning solution
Monitoring and Evaluation Services