VTT Global - Strategy and Management Consultancy

A high performing operational professional with around 03 years of experience, Mr. Murtaza is an informed and competent logistics officer who has a track record of delivering the right decisions, in the right quantities, to the right location and at the right time. Mr. Murtaza is organized, process driven, and has the ability to develop efficient logistics procedures, as he has had extensive exposure to first tier logistics and manufacturing supply chain management. As a proven leader, he is able to quickly establish clear expectations from junior staff, and he does this by demonstrating high standards of work practices and having a safety conscious attitude. He is experienced in managing projects finances and logistical activities, familiar with making perfect budgets, and maintain checks and balance of field ground realities till completion of assignment. His portfolio includes managing projects for MSI, Chemonics, DFID, USAID, and DFID within Sindh, Punjab, and KP.