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USAID/MSI - Monitoring & Assessment of Strengthening Citizens Voice and Accountability Project


Project Description:: USAID/Pakistan’s Strengthening Citizen’s Voice and Accountability Project (CVP) has been designed to support and promote the evolution of democratic governance by encouraging citizens to become more vocal and hence contribute to government planning and decision making. By empowering citizens, the project seeks to improve the situation of public accountability. The project’s second objective is to build private and civil society organizations (CSOs) for effective program implementation and enhanced organizational development. It was expected that under the project, 500 grants would be awarded to Pakistani entities across the country.

VTT Global was actively engaged in verifying the performance reported by 97 grantees of USAID (funded through CVP), as a contractor for Management Systems International (MSI), across Pakistan. VTT Global trained and deployed field visit teams throughout Pakistan, who then monitored the designated USAID grantees’ events and activities under the project.