VTT Global - Strategy and Management Consultancy

USAID/MSI - Monitoring & Evaluation of Family Planning Compliance Mechanisms


Project Description: VTT Global was contracted by Management Systems International (MSI) to conduct field monitoring visits in Punjab, Sindh, and Balochistan for USAID’s Family Planning (F.P.) Compliance Monitoring project. This assignment’s general purpose was to determine whether GOP facilities receiving USAID Family Planning (F.P.) commodities follow the USG family planning statutes and policies. VTT Global planned all monitoring visits after gathering data of Family Planning sites from District Health Offices. During these field visits, our team looked to identify the following key determinants:

  • Level of compliance being adhered to at the concerned F.P. sites
  • Principal deficiencies in compliance
  • Highlight recurring themes and patterns found at the F.P. sites