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USAID/MSI - Program Impact Assessment of Economic Growth and Agriculture in Pakistan


Project Description:The DFID funded Multi-Year Humanitarian Program (MYPH) in Pakistan under UNITAR is a significant hinge for a wide array of humanitarian activities in the country. The four distinct pillars of the MPYH are Natural Disasters, Complex Emergencies, Contingency Standby Arrangements, and Improving the Overall Humanitarian System. Pakistan Evidence and Learning Platform (PELP) is a core project under the fourth pillar, aiming to provide research that contributes to reducing disasters’ impact through effective knowledge management. VTT Global is placed at a juncture for the proposed Third-Party Monitoring assignment. It envisages the Monitoring of MYHP’s implementing partners through a decentralized team structure, which would safeguard data quality and integrity while adhering to the region’s cultural norms. VTT will carry a thorough analysis of Detailed Implementation Plans (DIPs), track progress against project outputs/outcomes, analyze and report findings as per the project’s evolving TPM methodology and objectives.